One-stop service to provide high-quality, efficient and comprehensive services:

In order to better serve customers, Jinhan effectively provides customers with high-quality, efficient and comprehensive services by establishing a comprehensive customer service system. On the one hand, we provide customers with comprehensive high-quality services, maintain and continuously improve customer satisfaction with the enterprise, enhance the brand awareness and reputation of the enterprise, and on the other hand, increase the repeat purchase rate of customers, thereby creating a steady stream of business opportunities for enterprises.

Full logistics services.

Integrate cargo information, provide multiple modes of cargo transportation by special car / sharing, and provide free shipping notification, logistics information, and tracking of bills to ensure fast delivery of goods to customers.

Return visits regularly .

Throughout the process, we provide customers with one-stop communication and negotiation for order, payment, cargo, transportation, construction and other issues, effectively providing customers with high-quality, efficient and comprehensive services.

contact us:

National Free Service Hotline: 18819810644

Address: No. 31, Lane 155, Yingqing Road, Qingpu District, Shanghai
Phone: 15300595992
Fax: 021-59758778