Three core flooring products

Silicon PU court material, PU polyurethane plastic material and colored acrylic court material series are the three core products of Jinhan Sports. They are environmentally friendly, non-toxic, professional and safe, wear-resistant and weather-resistant, comfortable and beautiful, convenient construction, and cost-effective. "Green Choice" recommendation and high reputation is a good choice for sports venues.

1. Silicon PU court material series

Silicon PU (SPU) golf course material is a new generation of golf course materials that is scientifically compounded with polyurethane (PU) materials and organic silicon on the basis of PU golf course materials. Defects in performance, environmental protection construction, service life, daily maintenance, etc., have revolutionary innovative performance, and are a new generation of environmentally friendly products that replace two-component silicon PU

Product Features:

Process: rigorous exchange for stability, adhere to the principle of three removals and two inspections (three vacuum dehydration, two sampling inspections, a superior product principle) throughout the production process (prepolymerization reaction → chain extension reaction → curing reaction → crosslinking reaction).

First: traditional silicon PU-"primer coating + elastic layer + surface layer". In accordance with market demand, Jerui vigorously innovated and successfully planned a new silicon PU system-"primer + buffer layer + surface layer", which effectively protected the surface layer material and doubled the service life.

Professional: unique double-layer structure, long-term stability; good shock absorption and resilience, safe and comfortable, first choice for the court.

Environmental protection: Water-cured court material, does not produce toxic and harmful substances, has no irritating taste, is a truly environmentally friendly product, and meets national environmental protection requirements.

Practical: The base has wide adaptability, strong leveling, and convenient construction. It can be widely used in indoor and outdoor basketball courts, tennis courts, volleyball courts, badminton courts, pong courts, etc.

Economical: low comprehensive use cost, wear resistance, non-slip, aging resistance, easy cleaning, convenient maintenance, and high cost performance.

封闭底漆、缓冲层、水性面漆(普通红绿)、水性面漆(其它颜色)、硅PU罩光漆、白色硅PU划线漆、复合型封底料、填缝耐裂胶等。 Product composition: closed primer, buffer layer, water-based topcoat (common red and green), water-based topcoat (other colors), silicon PU finishing paint, white silicon PU marking paint, composite bottom sealant, crack-filling glue .

室内外篮球场、网球场、排球场、羽毛球场、兵乓球场等各类运动场地设施。 Product application: indoor and outdoor basketball courts, tennis courts, volleyball courts, badminton courts, ping pong courts and other sports venues.

2. Plastic runway series

Product Features:

Convenient: ready to use, easy to construct and easy to maintain.

Specialty: Back cover treatment, strong adhesion; mechanical paving, good leveling; strong elastic layer and buffer layer, impact resistance; large force limit, good nail resistance; wear resistance <2.5%; Strong elastic restoring power.

Environmental protection: The raw materials are certified by China Environmental Labeling Products, which are non-toxic and harmless to the environment and human body, and have long-lasting performance.

Beautiful: special polyurethane synthetic surface layer, the surface color is soft, matte surface layer can prevent light reflection, beautiful and durable.

Safety: It has a certain degree of softness, which can reduce the probability of falls or sprains.

1:4 红色球场底料;PU甲组;1:4 红色球场面料;1:2 红色跑道面漆;103单组份胶水;催干剂;高纯度稀释剂;白色跑道划线漆;黄、蓝、绿、红PU划线漆;单组份跑道面漆-红;单组份跑道面漆-绿等。 Product composition: 1: 4 red stadium base material; PU armor group; 1: 4 red stadium fabric; 1: 2 red runway top coat; 103 one-component glue; drier; high-purity thinner; white track paint ; Yellow, blue, green, red PU marking paint; one-component runway topcoat-red; one-component runway topcoat-green and so on.

全塑型、 复合型、混合型、透气性跑道等各类运动型跑道。 Product categories and applications: all-plastic, composite, hybrid, breathable runways and other sports runways.

  • 3. Acrylic core emulsion

Acrylic sports field material series, including two systems of hard acrylic and elastic acrylic. Acrylic is a high performance hard acrylic sports coating. Provide high-quality sports court materials at affordable prices, and are respected as the most economical and professional tennis and basketball court ground materials.

Product Features:

Acrylic topcoat is a one-component water-based topcoat with beautiful color, strong adhesion, and environmental protection. It is mainly used in the surface layer of tennis courts, basketball courts and other sports venues. Vivid and durable colors can provide athletes with a comfortable foot feel and excellent ball rebound speed.

Professional: It ensures the comfort of the player's footsteps and the consistent rebound effect of tennis.

Abrasion resistance: 100% pure acrylic is added with epoch-making aerospace fibers, super abrasion resistance.

Weather resistance: suitable for various climate environments, resistant to ultraviolet radiation, to ensure the best color results.

Environmental protection: The product has passed China Environmental Mark (Type II) certification, full water-based coating, low carbon and environmental protection.

Quality: Adopt high-quality raw materials, and independently synthesize acrylic core raw materials—acrylic emulsion, to completely get rid of dependence on imported core raw materials.

Product composition: Acrylic acid 1 # glue (used for cement base), Acrylic acid 3 # glue (for asphalt base back cover only), acrylic acid fabric (ordinary red and green), acrylic fabric (special color), 60-80 mesh quartz Sand, 100-120 mesh quartz sand, acrylic acid line paint.

Product application: It is mainly used in the surface layer of tennis courts, basketball courts and other sports venues.