Introduce a full set of international standard R & D and inspection equipment

The company introduces a full set of advanced equipment and technology from the United States, strictly abides by international and national standards, and is professional and rigorous. It scientifically regulates product development and testing procedures. Application, pilot base construction, customer construction technical guidance, etc., on the premise that the product's hard indicators meet the standards, continue to innovate and breakthrough product performance, so that product safety professional and revolutionary market.

The three major flooring products are marketed globally in response to market demand

After years of research and development and market promotion, the three series of products have the advantages of wear resistance, weather resistance, safety, non-slip, aging resistance, fast construction, etc., and they are beautiful, practical and environmentally friendly. They are various types of large, medium and small basketball courts, tennis courts, The best choice for badminton courts, runways and other sports venues. At present, the products are distributed worldwide, and the business scope covers six continents including Asia, Europe, Africa, North America, South America, and Oceania.